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Characters of the Circle

Throughout our act of mutual storytelling in a global chronicle, many great personalities will appear and affect and enrich the stories of those around them. Here is where you can find out more about them, who plays them, and whether they are looking for others to create such stories with.

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Current Characters by Covenent Status

Status •••••

  • Anima - Gangrel. Elder Circle of the Crone, Ireland (Played by CK)

Status ••••

  • Dokisha - Nosferatu. Hierophant of Antwerp, member of the Council of Crones of the Low Lands, Respected citizen of the Carthian Democracy of Antwerp, Hematologist, Virologist, Biochemist, All-round healer. (Played by Bert Van den Wyngaert)

  • Helin of Uffington - Gangrel. Celtic Priestess, Guardian of Uffington, Prince of Oxfordshire, UK, Ritual Leader. Primarily found in Oxfordshire. Deceased. (Played by Sue Paris)
  • Volas - Gangrel. Occult Ambassador, Druid, One of the Founders of Reno, Nevada, Hierophant of Reno, NV , Harpy of Reno, NV, (Played by Jeff Wilson)

Status •••

  • Angela Satir - Mekhet (Possibly Khaibit). Follower of Nephthys. Hierophant of Ruston, Louisiana. Primogen for the Circle. Crone Seer. Keeper of Belial's Blood (don't ask). Researcher. (Played by James Townsend)
  • Body Count - Nosferatu. Gnostic. Keeper of the Void and leader of The House of Shadows. (Played by Josh Chaney)

  • Ian O'Toole - Gangrel. "Claw of the Mother Bear" Oklahoma, recently spent several months on Okinawa.(Played by John Nixdorf)
  • Isabel - Heirophant of Chicago. Priscus of Clan Ventrue. Primogen of Chicago. Chicago, IL
  • Le Marquis du le Seine - Nosferatu Elder. Vodouisant, Met Tet to Rada Anansi Ghede. Former Prince of Rouen and the Seine River Valley (15th-18th cent.). Reknowned Mystic and Authority on Zombies, Zonbi, and the Walking Dead Phoenix, Arizona. (Played by Jo Abbott)
  • Lucian Aexander LaForgeron - Agoniste. Archivist to the Crone. Elder amongst the Covenant. One of the Founders of Colorado Springs. Follower of Ishtar and student of her sacred geometry. Colorado Springs, CO. (Played by Travis Page)
  • Lycos - Mekhet - Hierophant of the Circle in Eugene Oregon. (Played by Robert Brawn)
  • Ophelia Schwartz - Mekhet (Alucinor). Oneiromancer, phychologist, seer, prophet, ghost specialist/hunter and Uratha specialist. Haruspex of the Antwerp Coven (Belgium), Keeper of Tottenham Hale (London) and Harpy of the Prince of Antwerp. (Played by Hilde Heyvaert)
  • Rachel Doucet - Mekhet. Hierophant of Shreveport, Louisiana. Former Hierophant of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Seer. (Played by Heather Knight)
  • Vermiis - Gangrel. Challenger of the Circle. Follower of the Fates and the Weave. Rumored to be very old, although only a few know how old. Seer. Travels the Central FL area. (Played by Wyatt Wheeler)
  • Viktor - Mekhet. Seer, Scholor of the Scions, Gatekeeper of Ereshkigal. Follow the Sumerian goddess of the underworld. (Played by Jarrick Honn)
  • Wise - Acknowledged Ventrue. Heirophant of Gainesville. Scourge of Gainesville, Keeper of the Black Library, Priscus and Primogen of Clan Ventrue. Ishtari Priest and one of the most vocal adherants of the 'King-Maker' aspect of Inanna. Gainesville, FL (Played by Jacob Helmer)
  • Jeremy Young - Mekhet. Nomadic Vala Ohio. (Played by Rick Evans)

Status ••

  • Eagan Quaychoche - Gangrel. Medicine man, eagle messenger, courier & guide, chairman of the Mount Pleasant, Michigan Elysium board. (Played by Greg Dewey)
  • Emilie Cachan - Mekhet. Medium, tarot fortuneteller, Maiden of the circle of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium (Played by Bérengère)
  • Jonas Grey - Unknown. Occult Researcher, Ritualist, Primogen for the Circle- Boulder, Colorado. (Played by Richard Cordell)
  • Joshua - Gangrel. Challenger, a protege of Vermiis. Currently based in Chicago, IL. (Played by Brian McKinley)
  • Minerva - Deava. Hierophant of Fort Myers, Ft. Myers, Florida. (Played by Jenna Lefevre)
  • Nia White - Ventrue. Nomadic Curandera (to the White Buffalo Woman), Priscus of Clan Ventrue in Knoxville, Tennessee. (Played by Caitlin Bailey)
  • NiGuna Mi - Gangrel. Also known as Nicona Ormand. Paxoje Witch (Starting Back to the Waters Woman). Member of the Kshatriyas lineage. Guardian, loner. (Played by Katie Faulkner)
  • Sophia Guerrard - Gangrel. Peacekeeper of Seattle, WA Seattle, WA (Played by: [1])
  • Shir - Gangrel. Zorastrian Sentinel, bodyguard and shield of the Acolytes. (Played by Brendan Hutt)
  • Tarrahdyn Mastasi - Mekhet. Master of Elysium in Shreveport, Louisiana. (Played by Rachel Eaton)
  • Tobias Tyburn - Ventrue. Priest of Amaterasu-o-mi-kami, Amanot Sukai, currently located in Kent, United Kingdom. (Played by Nicholas Forro)
  • Violet Deer - Nosferatu. Botanist and all round tree hugger. Resident of Cambridge (UK). (Played by Juliet Hood)
  • Wallace - Daeva. Archeologist, Seer, Smith and Diablarist Hunter, Daeva Priscus of Atlantic City. (Played by Jared Bentley)

Status •

  • Adam Bierce - Ghoul (Child of Nirriti). Currently located in Virgina, USA. (Played by Anthony C.)
  • Billy - Nosferatu. It's Billy, if you need an explanation you probably haven't met him in person. (Played by Robert-Sean Harley)
  • Christopher O'Connel - Daeva. Childe of Mary Sue Skvarcek, originally of Europe. Currently located near Chicago. (Played by JT Engstrom)
  • Elaina Cullinan - Nosferatu. Childe of Thomas Gray-deceased. Past resident of Columbia, Missouri. Currently located in St. Louis, Missouri. Student to Wolfgang Schulz (Played by Lisa Tipton)
  • Manuel Pablo Mendoza - Ventrue. Child of Aroya Mendoza, originally of Peru. Currently located in Melbourne, Australia. (Played by Evan Johnston)
  • Misroc - Unknown. Seer, Historian/Liguist. Central Texas. (Played by Glen Davis)
  • Mordechai - Gangrel. Possibly related to Aspasia in some way. Nomadic guardian per excellence. (Played by Mike B)
  • Nick Morax - Gangrel. Nick is an artist, challenger and sometimes gardener who attemps to provoke thought and emotion in others through his 'art', although he is often misunderstood and seen as a waste of space. He strongly focuses on the creation aspects of his faith.(Played by David Mitchell)
  • Nicodemis Hawthorn - Gangrel. Prince of Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda, FL. (Played by Jason Sanders)
  • Shade - Mekhet, Khaibit. One of the few truly dual covenant individuals, Shade espouses the beliefs of the Crone through an Eastern religious model (Religious Taoism) and the Invictus ideals of order, with the same framework. Washington, D.C. (Played by Alex Adragna)
  • Virgil Barton - Ventrue. Line of Lysander childe of Colin Lancing "Faithless", Archeologist, antique dealer. Pennsylvannia. (Played by David Phillips)

Status 0 (Known Chorus)

Deceased Characters

  • Baron Cimitiere - Nosferatu, Admired of the Circle, formerly of New Orleans. Dissapeared during a massive hurricane in NO. Presumed dead. (all other info as per Cannon materials)
  • Bastiaan Rainmaker - Mehket Ghoul. Was found with a party of 4 Kindred outside the Gathering in New Hampsire on May 27th, 2006. After a quick battle, Bastiaan plus his comrades were captured. 5 days later, all were released except for Bastiaan, who disappeared. New York City, NY (Played by Damian R. Broccoli)
  • Elena - Also known as Quiauhxochitl. Gangrel (Recognized by the Gangrel, Valued by the Circle). Mexica Gangrel Priestess of Quetzalcoatl who held territory and status in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans area of Louisiana. Killed in mid-February 2005 by a group of Ordo Dracul in a coup attempt. Known to be the sire of Douglas Lawson, founder of The Keepers of the Outlands. (Played by Heather Knight)
  • Emily Sinclair - Ghoul to Satish and member of the Chorus. Known for her excessive cruelty in breaking the faith of the pious and a fascination for all things Egyptian. Dissapeared in the 1930s.
  • Jared Bates - Mekhet. (Accepted by the Shadows, Chorus of the Crone). American by origin but lived and met final death in Antwerp, Belgium by the hands of Section 13 of the government (hunters). Known to be the younger cosanguinial brother to Medea and Ophelia Schwartz. (Played by Bard Neeus).
  • Medea Schwartz - Mekhet. (Accepted by the Shadows, Recognized by the Circle). Finnish by origin but lived and met final death in Atwerp, Belgium by the hands of Section 13 of the government (hunters). Known to be the younger cosanguinial sister to Jared Bates and Ophelia Schwartz. (Played by Katharine Ahtaja)

Former Acolytes

  • Aspasia. Gangrel. Now a member of the Carthian Movement. When asked, Urvi (her Avus) will swear this is just a "phase".
  • Colin Lancing. Ventrue. Faithless Former Duke of Orlando and founder of that domain's Praxis. Once of the Invictus, he served the Circle of the Crone for 132 years before being driven out by religiously fanantical Acolytes. Now one of the first members of the upstart "covenant" known as The Keepers of the Outlands. (Played by Lou Gluchov)

Retired Characters

  • Mrs. Nichlovitch - Russian Mekhet, Hierarch and personal Counciler to the Prince of Austin.
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